Darreon Carbin as Darius, the most charasmatic of the group. He loves hard and wants to make everyone happy. He can be funny and a bit nerdy, which is charming. However, his most redeeming quality is that he is down to earth and funny.

Rebecca Stoughton as Amber, the goofy party girl of the group. She may not be the smaryest at times and she knows that, but she isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. She loves her friends hard, but she loves her clothes and shoes harder.

Lane Deichman as Christian, the flirt of the group. He is also very charasmatic and a fun time. He loves to joke around and make the best of every situation. 

Devin King as Justin, the chill guy of the group. He makes sure everyone is calm and having a good time. If it’s quiet, he has just the idea to turn the function around.

Kiera Robinson as Mia, the most courageous out of the group. She is bold and unapologetically herself. She is very quick witted and she loves her friends. She will do anything to protect the ones she loves. 

Liana Valle as Alyssa, a former nerd turned model who is as crazy as she is intelligent. She envies the strong friendship of the group and shows it through her attempts at revenge.

Terrence Bellows as Officer Munch, a very funny and charasmatic dad who fights to protect what is his. 

Dennisha Carbin as Mom, very funny in an unintentional way. She is no nonsense and won’t hesitate to call it like it is.