At first the script was called A Night to Remember and after a few revisions to the script, it was undeniable that REVENGE GAME was the perfect title.

Darreon Carbin, a 22 year old college graduate is no stranger when it comes to the arts. He models, is a visual artist, has a published book of poetry, and since 2021 has taken his acting and now directing skills to the next level. 

Darreon was introduced to Nicolle (Nikki) when she was producing a film in 2021 titled This is Life. There was a part for a young delivery guy and guess who she called?

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That’s right! Darreon showed up to set prepared, excited, and hungry for entertaining.

He stole the show at the two sold out movie premieres. The crowd loved his on screen choices.

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A year later in 2022, once things settled with the pandemic, Darreon and Nikki began to connect regarding bringing his script to life.

Darreon even designed a mock poster to help Nikki see his vision for the movie. 

Nikki found this video of him that was made before she had any knowledge of his existence. 

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Well it all worked out! Nikki gave the greenlight to help! 

So now it is time to give a little background on Nikki. She has been producing and directing in the industry for over ten years now. She is a self made woman who is determined to be an inspirtation whenever given the opportunity. In 2005 she started her production company NHizWill Productions.

To date she has produced multiple projects for her company as well as for other creatives all over the globe. Revenge Game will be NHizWill Productions’ 13th project.

Nikki’s Director Reel 

Nikki wants to give Darreon what she didnt have early in her career: mentorship. Through the vehicle Revenge Game, Nikki will teach Darreon about the process from script to screen and hopefully serve as his lighter fluid for him to blaze a successful career!

We are excited about the possibilities surrounding Revenge Game!

Production is slated to start November 26, 2023 - December 4, 2023 in St. Louis, MO.